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Eilat's Coral Reef


It still provides one of the world-premier sites for scuba diving ranging from introductory 1 hour tours (the one I eventually ventured on) to 5 and 7 full-day scuba diving certification courses. 




My initial fears were calmed somewhat by the instructor telling me that this should be easier than snorkeling (I just snorkeled for the first time one day earlier and initially I had to struggle somewhat with it).



And indeed when I finally got 18 feet under water I even stopped focusing on my breathing and started enjoying the life teeming reef. 





Unfortunately due to a mixture of causes such as global warming and local water pollution (especially from intense fish farming - which adds high concentrations of nutrients and fish waste, which are harmful to the coral reef), the living corals have seen a sharp decline in their viability (from 70% living polyps the living unit that forms the calcified coral skeleton - in 1996 to only 30% in 2001).








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